HSHW Constitution

Adopted on 03/08/2018 by resolution at the first meeting of the society

1. Name

The name of the Society is “HSHW Society”.

2. Aims

The aims of the Society are:-

  1. to provide a forum for members to share and collaborate on technical, scientific, and engineering interests in High Wycombe.

3. Membership

  1. People are eligible to become and remain members of the Society provided that they:

    1. support the aims of the Society; and

    2. agree to abide by its constitution and rules; and

    3. refrain from acting in any way detrimental or prejudicial to the interests of the Society; and

    4. are aged 18 or over

  2. Satisfaction of the eligibility criteria shall be determined:

    1. in the first instance by the Secretary; and

    2. if any objection is raised by a member as to the Secretary’s decision then by the Chairman, following a consultation of the committee; and

    3. if any further objection is raised by a member as to the Committee’s decision then by a vote of the membership

  3. The Secretary shall appoint eligible people as new members upon:

    1. the payment of the annual membership fee; or

    2. their attendance at the first meeting of the Society and the payment of the annual membership fee

  4. The Committee shall decide the annual membership fee.

  5. Membership fees shall fall due on March 7th regardless of the date of joining.

  6. Membership will be terminated by the Secretary if a member:

    1. does not pay the membership fee at the designated renewal time; or

    2. ceases to eligible for membership; or

    3. makes a request to resign in writing

  7. The rights, privileges, and liabilities of each member shall be personal to themselves and not in any circumstances be transferable.

4. Committee

  1. The Committee shall consist of the following offices:

    1. Chairman

    2. Secretary

    3. Treasurer

  2. The function of the committee shall be:

    1. To organise and convene ordinary, special, and annual general meetings as required; and

    2. To manage the finances of the Society including but not limited to: raising funds, disbursing money necessary for the business of the Society, and maintaining a bank account for the Society; and

    3. To receive and act on resolutions made at special and annual general meetings; and

    4. To handle all other matters pertaining to the day to day running of the Society and/or affecting the interests of its members

  3. Committee meetings:

    1. shall be held at times and places agreeable to all members of the Committee; and

    2. shall take place with sufficient frequency to coordinate the effective running of the society.

  4. The Chairman may appoint up to three additional members to the Committee who do not occupy an office.

  5. Elections for the committee offices shall be held:

    1. at the first meeting of the Society; and

    2. at each annual general meeting; and

    3. at special meetings convened following an official vacancy

  6. When an election is held, any member may stand for office provided that:

    1. they notify the Secretary of their candidacy at least 7 days prior to the election; and

    2. they provide the Secretary with a nomination in writing from a member other than themselves

  7. Each Committee office shall be elected in separate ballot per the voting rules.

  8. A member ceases to be part of the Committee:

    1. at the annual general meeting following their most recent election, if they are not re-elected; or

    2. for non-elected additional members, at the discretion of the Chairman; or

    3. if a resolution is passed to that effect; or

    4. upon their ceasing to be a member of the Society; or

    5. upon their resignation

  9. Any property held in trust or managed by a committee member on behalf of the Society must be transferred to their successor on conclusion of the member’s term in office.

  10. If a committee members resigns then, at the discretion of the Committee:

    1. a special meeting must be held within 60 days to elect a replacement for the vacant office only; or

    2. the next annual general meeting must be held within 90 days

5. Meetings

  1. Meetings organised by the society, other than committee meetings, shall fall into one of the following types:

    1. ordinary meeting

    2. special meeting

    3. annual general meeting

  2. The Committee shall to arrange ordinary meetings on a regular basis for the purpose of members and prospective-members meeting each other and engaging with the aims of the Society

  3. The Committee shall arrange a special meeting:

    1. at their discretion; or

    2. when requested in writing by at least one-third of the members

  4. The Committee shall arrange one annual general meeting each subsequent calendar year following the first meeting, leaving no more than 15 months between such meetings.

  5. The Committee shall give a minimum of 30 days notice of an annual general meeting.

  6. The Committee shall give a minimum of 15 days notice of a special meeting.

  7. The Secretary shall:

    1. keep minutes of all meetings; or

    2. have nominated a substitute minute-keeper if they cannot attend a meeting

6. Voting

  1. Voting may only take place at:

    1. the first meeting of the Society; or

    2. a special meeting; or

    3. the annual general meeting

  2. Votes may only take place for the following purposes:

    1. election of committee members

    2. resolution of a dispute regarding the membership eligibility criteria

    3. amending the constitution

    4. passing resolution binding on the Committee

    5. dissolving the Society

  3. When a ballot is held, each member is entitled to cast a single vote either:

    1. at the meeting where voting takes place; or

    2. by proxy, having nominated a member to serve as proxy and informed the Secretary of this prior to the meeting taking place

  4. Each member shall be entitled to 1 vote per ballot.

  5. Except where the stipulated otherwise in this constitution, the outcome of any vote shall be determined by simple majority.

  6. If a vote is tied then the Chairman shall:

    1. cast an additional vote to break the tie; or

    2. have nominated a substitute tie-breaker if they cannot attend a vote in person

8. Amendments

  1. The constitution may only be amended if:

    1. Three-quarters of the members have voted on the amendment; and

    2. Two-thirds of the vote is in favour for the amendment.

  2. The sections of the constitution entitled “Amendments” and “Dissolution” shall not be amended

9. Dissolution

  1. The Society may be dissolved by a vote of the members if:

    1. Three-quarters of the members have voted on a resolution to that effect; and

    2. Two-thirds of the vote is in favour of dissolution.

  2. In the event of dissolution of the Society, the assets of the Society shall be:

    1. used settle any outstanding debts; and only then

    2. given to another organisation with similar aims